We're Dedicated to ENDing Animal Cruelty.

Message from the Founder, Kajol Sethia

Being born and raised as a vegetarian in the foothills of Himalayas, Nepal, I wasn't aware of Animal Cruelty outside the meat industry. And this realisation hit me pretty bad when I first moved to Singapore and started learning more about Animal Rights organisations and movements around the world. 


Animals are very close to my heart and learning about their mistreatment in other industries, through PETA's undercover investigation videos, hit me rock bottom. I cried a lot. 2015 was the year I decided to turn vegan for life and swore to never look back and protect the animals by all means I can.


After learning about the barbaric treatment of animals in order to produce Dairy, Leather/Fur and other animal products, I knew this is something I need to take an initiative for and make a positive change to it. So I started Marche Ethique PTE LTD, whose sole interest is in promoting a vegan lifestyle; be that in fashion, or food, or through activism.

Marché Éthique just don't stop here. There are billions of mistreated animals who are tortured and left to die alone. We are dedicated to saving as many of them as we can. For this, we have partnered with the world's largest animal welfare organisation called PETA, who (since its establishment) saved millions of animals and gave us humans the reason to be Vegan. Together with their expertise, we want to fight against ill-treatment of animals, fight against powerful dairy/meat industries, leather/fur industries, animal testing industries and other cruel entertainment industries and show our human counterparts an ethical path to Go Vegan.


I believe, Together we can END Animal Cruelty and eradicate all sorts of mistreatment of beings from this planet.

Message from the Co-founder, Alvee

I do laugh and talk a lot in real life. Anyways, welcome to the store. I hope you find the plant-based love of your life here. We are always finding and tasting vegan products to carry.

Whether you are vegan or not we can all agree that US$200,000 for moving to Mars is kinda expensive. And if money is not an issue then at least we can adopt sustainable habits so we don't mess up the planet(s) we live in. The idea is to take our time and learn how our choices impact the environment. Ditching straws once a year is just as good as getting birthday presents once a year - I am not saying I want presents every day (although I would love that) but I am sure the earth will appreciate not being dumped on the rest of the 364 days. So, adopt sustainable habits and incorporate a plant-based diet and I will see you at the editorial section.


MARCHÉ ÉTHIQUE means ethical marketplace in French. Inspired by love and compassion towards other living beings and our beautiful planet Earth, MÉ team has come together to build a platform that provides a wide range of vegan products. Our aim is to make vegan products available to all corners of the world and help the consumers in making ethical shopping choices. 
​Because "If not us, who? If not now, when?".

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